Trick to Get Mailers ..

The Fear

Sep 2018
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For Newbies :

1) - Google Hacking Forums....there will be Many..
2)- Make account , and do some postes then Make a thread in I Buy Section .
3)- in title of the thread Put : I Need Mailer Inbox 100% im ready to pay and Post ur contact infos.keep spaming with this thread in like5 to 10 Hacking Forums

(Or Just add Sellers Of Mailers..Directly )

2 Step :

1)- Now u will receive some messages from sellers...
You: Hello bro do u have mailer inbox ??
Victime: Yes.
You: How much the price ?
Victime: 25$..
You:Ok great i have money now and im ready to Pay
Him:Great here's my btc...
You: wait can u send me a test message to see if it go to junk or inbox ?
Him:yes , give me ur email
Him: Done !
And Yes You are Done too
Now what ?
Go to Gmail and check messages , you will see his message
do like this:
and u will see this :
in X-PHP-Script you will see The mailer link , from who you got the message.
go to mailer page and you will see the mailer lol

that's All , and this way working Good :)

this is not working for All Mailers , But it's Works for most of them