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Sep 2018
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in this post i'll provide you with some terms used in carding every carder must know

i didnt write the info myself but its something i stumbled upon whilst i was doing my research
hope you'll find some the information useful,
without wasting any time i've picked part of the whole article to download the whole of it check the link down below ....

Hacker knowledge

Below is the “Beginning Carders Dictionary’” as posted online by the Russian hacker, KLYKVA on It is presented in its original form to illustrate the level of knowledge from which these individuals are working.

Bank-emitent (Issuing bank) - bank which has issued the card

Billing address - the card owner address

Drop - innerman. His task is to receive the money or goods and, accordingly, give the part of the earnings to you.

Drop/Pick-Up guy/Runner - person or location that is setup to accept packages or to receive the money. He should be paid nicely for this position.

Billing - office, which has agreement with a bank and assumes payments for the cards.

COB - Change of Billing address

Card bill - a Bank emitent card bill.

Bank-aquirer - bank, in which the store opens the account.

Merchant account - bank account for accepting credit cards.

Merchant Bank - bank, through which occur the payments between the buyer and the seller (frequently it is used as synonym “bankequirer”).

Cardholder - owner of the card.

4 Validity - suitability of card.

White plastic - a piece of pure plastic, where the information is plotted/printed.

CR-80 - rectangular piece of pure white plastic (without the drawing image) the size of a credit card with the magnetic strip. Transaction - charge to the credit card POS terminal (Point Of Sale terminal) - reading card device, which stands at commercial point.

PIN-code – (Personal Identification Number) the sequence, which consists of 4-12 numbers, known only to the owner of card. A simple word password for an ATM and so on.

AVS - the card owner address checking. It is used for the confirmation of the card belonging exactly to its holder.

“Globe” - card holographic gluing with the image of two hemispheres (MasterCard).

Pigeon (hen) - card holographic gluing with the image of the flying pigeon (VISA).

Reader - information reading device for the readout from the magnetic strip of card.

Encoder - read/write device for the magnetic track of the card. Embosser - card symbol extrusion device.

Card printer - card information printing device. - card validity period.

Area code - the first of 3 or 6 digits of the card owner’s phone number.

CVV2, cvv, cvn - 3 or 4 additional numbers, which stand at the end of the number of card.

ePlus - program for checking the cards.

5 BIN - first 6 numbers of the card number which make it possible to learn what bank issued the card and what type of card (ATM-card, credit, gold, etc.). Synonym of word “Prefix”.

Chargeback - the cardholder’s bank voids the removal of money from its card.

Dump - information, which is written to the magnetic strip of the card, it consists of 1,2 or 3 tracks.

MMN - Mothers Maiden Name (generally the primary account holders mother)

Track (road) - a part of the dump with specific information.

Every 1st track is the information about the owner of the card. 2nd track - information about the owner of card and about the bank who issued the card, etc. 3rd track - it is possible to say spare, it is used by stores for the addition of the points and other.

Slip - synonym to the word “cheque” (conformably to card settlings).

Card balance – amount of credit remaining for spending in the card account.!6b4SFS6K

decryption key: !tY3hKaYalxuhRekrUoDkk98vsuWyCSzoCCw5mZpqTV8

happy to share more useful information to help us all :)