How to bypass captcha automatically

Sometimes, when the forum is receiving a big DDoS attack, an extra layer of protection is enabled: Captcha Verification. This is a temporary protection against DDoSers. It's that or we go offline constantly. So, you can bypass the captcha manually or use a browser extension that do the job for you. In this case I will tell you how to install and use that browser extension.

Privacy Pass Support

Privacy Pass is a browser extension developed by the Privacy Pass Team to improve the browsing experience for users. Enabling Privacy Pass will reduce the number of CAPTCHAs shown (bypass automatically).

What is Privacy Pass?

Privacy Pass is a Chrome and Firefox browser extension that provides a better visitor experience for CF. For instance, a visitor IP address with poor reputation may receive a captcha page before gaining access to the forum. After a single captcha page is solved, Privacy Pass generates tokens for use with CF to prevent frequent captcha. Privacy Pass generates 30 tokens for each solved captcha.

Privacy Pass is helpful for visitors from shared networks, VPNs and Tor that tend to have poorer IP reputations. Download the Privacy Pass extension for either Google Chrome or Firefox: